Nilodor® Dri-Way+™ Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound Only - 22 lbs

Nilodor® Dri-Way+™ Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound Only - 22 lbs

Item # 50554

  • A great way to keep the carpet looking fresh and clean. Can be used as an interim cleaning method between wet restorative cleanings or can be used as a stand-alone program.
  • For facilities that prefer to use low-moisture methods
  • Completely biodegradable, over 80% naturally derived, made of sustainable ingredients
  • Use with Dri-Way Jr.
22 lbs, ea

The perfect low moisture cleaning method for heavy traffic areas. Carpeting subjected to heavy traffic can be kept looking good year-round without using methods requiring extensive drying time and labor costs.


  • Requires less dwell time, and less mechanical action.
  • Contains a citrus terpene surfactant (Chemistry behind this surfactant that won a Nobel Prize).
  • Contains encapsulating technology, carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Cleans without excess residue.
  • Anti-soiling properties.
  • Contains hydrogen peroxide for an extra cleaning boost.
  • Fast-easy cleaning.
  • Dries immediately.
  • No "Soil Wicking".
  • No carpet downtime.
  • Coverage is 550-650 square feet per 5 lb. depending on the type of carpet.
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