Airx Spray N Roll Disinfectant Spray System

Item # 24101

  • Will make quick work of cleaning and disinfecting your facility. Industrial grade yet lightweight, 2.5 gallon sprayer is on large wheels.
  • Perfect to roll to the area needing disinfection
  • 6' flexible hose attached to a 29" durable wand
  • Left-over Airx Spray N Go solution can be used later
  • Description

High grade, 1 gallon per minute angle cutting nozzle makes wetting your surface a breeze. Supplied with large area nozzle and also a close up nozzle for tight areas. No more fill and transporting mop buckets to area being cleaned and disinfected or refilling small spray bottles with trigger sprayers. Perfect for lockers, floors, wrestling mats, shoulder pads, exercise equipment, animal cages and much more.