Pack: 4/CS

Odorite Better Yet! Neutral All Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

Item # 20206

  • A specially formulated no-rinse neutral cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragrance. Safe to use, and works effectively in both hard and soft water.
  • It contains no harsh alkalis, phosphates, or solvents
  • It contains no abrasives
Gal., 4/cs
  • Neutral floor cleaners
  • Description

Contains nonionic surfactants, water soluble degreasing agents, water softeners and buffering agents. It does an effective job of removing soil from coated floors without affecting the finish. Use Better Yet! For damp mopping, general light to moderate duty cleaning and removing heavy soils. Also recommended for automatic scrubbers. Can be used as an all purpose cleaner in a variety of applications including spray bottles, wall washers, sponges, etc.